Note about self

So, this is me blogging.

The idea of starting a blog had been on my mind for ages but I never found something I really wanted to write about.

Then an exceptional young man called Edward Snowden leaked a trove of material on the scope of government surveillance in the US and other countries.

The first I heard of this was someone I follow on Facebook asking people to sign a petition in support of Mr Snowden and, wanting to know who it was my signature was going to support, I started following up on this.

It greatly upset me. What upset me just as much was the reaction by the US government and most other governments to Mr Snowden, as well as the response by some of the media.

In the end, what started this blog off was an open letter by MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry in which she asked Edward Snowden to “come on home”. Because it annoyed me, wrote a response to it and, needing somewhere online to put it, I started this blog. Then it all went on from there and so far, it hasn’t stopped. I am now studying journalism and have started publishing in different places online.

I used to try to write a post every week and I try to publish on Sunday evenings (GMT time). Sometimes, when there is a lot going on, I blog more. In March 2014 I started translating some posts into German, or writing posts only in German, if they are specific to Germany. I still write mostly about Snowden and surveillance, although I throw in the occasional stray piece of writing on other topics, like politics, philosophy and ethics – usually prompted by articles or blogs that catch my attention in some (usually not a good) way. As of February 2015, I am scaling back a bit on the frequency of posts. I do a lot of film reviewing and other writing now so during those weeks where I have a lot of deadlines, there probably won’t be any posts.

Thanks for reading, I always appreciate comments and if anyone wants to find me on Twitter, the handle is @morethanannie



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