In other news: Guardian live, Petraeus plea bargain, GCHQ vs Germany

A couple of things:

Firstly, the Guardian hosted an event last Monday at which a screening of Citizenfour was followed by a discussion panel that included editor-in-chief Alan Rusbridger, Janine Gibson, chief ed of, defence and intelligence correspondent Ewen MacAskill and Stuart Millar, the deputy editor of Guardian US. It was pretty inspiring. You can watch the video here.

Secondly, it is once more being reported as news that Edward Snowden would like to return to the US or that he would like asylum in Switzerland. This isn’t news. Snowden has said both before. Perhaps one of this reasons why this is getting attention again is the recent plea bargain struck between the US DOJ and former CIA director David Petraeus who gave “Paula Broadwell, his friendly biographer with whom he was then having an extramarital affair” information that “was among the most sensitive in the US government” and that looks a lot more damaging than anything Snowden leaked. Yet, after Petraeus agreed “to a single misdemeanor guilty plea for improperly “retaining” classified information… prosecutors agreed to recommend a sentence of two years probation and no jail time”. The double standards evident in Petraeus’ treatment when compared to other leakers are striking. Trevor Timm comments on this here.

Thirdly, the German government and its NSA committee are currently having a row with the British government and the GCHQ because the Brits have threatened to end cooperation between the GCHQ and Germany’s BND if certain documents are reviewed by the NSA committee. This is good old-fashioned blackmail, probably supplemented by some further stonewalling from the German government (it’s not like they haven’t been doing that pretty much since day one).

I’ll be back with more idc.


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