The great SIM Heist: NSA, GCHQ and access too our mobile phones

Esteemed readers,

as I am working too much this week to put out a proper blog post, I would like to direct you to The Intercept instead, where Jeremy Scahill and Josh Begley report how NSA and GCHQ hacked into the computers of one of the largest SIM card manufacturer in the world and came away with their encryption keys.

What that means for private communication on our mobile phones (spoiler: it is not good) you can read here.

I will tackle this and other issues across the next couple of weeks when I will hopefully be less busy.

Meanwhile, for German readers, I have had an article published that tackles Obama’s request that Germans should give the USA “the benefit of the doubt” when it comes to NSA spying. You can read that here.

Back with more idc.


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