Need another reason to encrypt your email? Read this.

Remember when I wrote about the dangers of unencrypted email? Unencrypted email can be read by anyone, I said. Don’t compose your email in a browser window, I said, because unencrypted will be created and retained automatically. They can also be read by anyone. Compose your email offline, I said, always encrypt, I said, because even if email isn’t intercepted in transit, it can always be obtained under a warrant. Unencrypted email is a like a postcard, I said. Webmail isn’t your friend, I said.

So did Edward Snowden. Of course he was right as a ruling made this week by a US judge that compels Microsoft to hand over email stored abroad reminds us yet again.

I’ll say it again: learning about encryption is important – for everyone, but particularly for people in professions in which the privacy of communications is important – journalists, lawyers, doctors being among them. So I refer you once again to this excellent tutorial on how to set up email encryption. It works and it’s fun! Try it now!




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