One year on Team Edward: Happy Birthday, Notes from Self!

Team Ed

This blog is a year old today! On 14th July 2013 I wrote a letter to Melissa Harris-Perry of MSNBC replying to her open letter to Edward Snowden (which I thought was a bit daft). Since then, I have been blogging continuously.

Over the past year, I have learned a lot, written a lot, been angry a lot… I have closely followed the Snowden disclosures, watched interviews, observed reactions the world over and I can say one thing for certain: I haven’t seen or heard anything that makes me doubt that these revelations are of paramount importance. I haven’t seen or heard anything either that makes me doubt Edward Snowden or his motivations – the opposite being true of the motivations of our elected leaders and the people who have been trying to smear, demonise or belittle Snowden, the reporting journalists and what they have revealed.

No doubt about it: Edward Snowden did the democracies of this world a great service and I will not get tired of saying that that service should be recognised!



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