“What the Guardian is doing is important for democracy”

“What the Guardian is doing is important for democracy”

Debate underway

Further to my post on the emerging debate in the UK yesterday, here a couple of links to reactions across the world. Many of the world’s leading editors have defended the Guardian‘s reporting on the Snowden files, following an attack by the Daily Mail which accused the Guardian of aiding the UK’s enemies.
Importantly, UK business secretary Vince Cable has said that the Guardian was “entirely correct” to publish the Snowden disclosures.

Meanwhile, deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg “is to start conversations in government about how to update the legal oversight of the UK’s security services”.

Nick Hopkins in the Guardian gives an overview of opinions that have emerged over the past months and more on the ongoing debate can be found in a special Guardian live feed.

News from Edward Snowden

Meanwhile, the first verified photo of Edward Snowden has emerged following his meeting with a delegation of former US officials turned whistleblowers who presented him with “an award for “integrity in intelligence””. They later reported that Snowden was in good spirits and has no regrets.

Edward Snowden’s father also seems to have met his son at an undisclosed location in Russia.


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