Glenn Greenwald’s partner detained at Heathrow airport for nine hours

Glenn Greenwald’s partner detained at Heathrow airport for nine hours

This speaks for itself. It is absolutely outrageous! Took a moment for it to sink in that this happened at Heathrow Airport!

Relating to that, here are Mr Greenwald’s views on this.

This is another  example of the US and UK showing their true colours. It fits right in with the Evo Morales incident and it confirms the worries I expressed in my last blog post on the state our world is in. What further proof to we need that freedom of speech, freedom of the press and our rights are in danger if UK authorities stoop so low as to detain an individual with no proven (or even suspected) links to terrorists for nine hours without a lawyer, questioning him about anything but terrorist activity?

What shocks me more than anything is the nerve of these people to not even try and disguise what they were truly after!

Glenn Greenwald is right that this is a “profound escalation of [the US and UK’s] attacks on the news-gathering process and journalism. It’s bad enough to prosecute and imprison sources. It’s worse still to imprison journalists who report the truth. But to start detaining the family members and loved ones of journalists is simply despotic.”

We do, as yet, not know how much the UK government knew about this or who authorized it but it will be shocking to find out either way. If they did know, nothing more needs to be said. If they didn’t, then what does that tell us about their control over their own executive powers?


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